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What is your favorite daydream, and why?

(Also posted in theatrical_muse)

I daydream about being in a meeting with the head of a MAJOR studio. Someone with lots of money and influence. And in this daydream they're telling me they'd be HAPPY to fund 'Isaac's Storm', and they're giving me TONS of money to work with.

Why? Because getting this movie funded is overwhelmingly important to me right now. It would establish me as a director/producer who is capable of handling the really BIG pictures. It would give me my shot at being right up there with the likes of Spielberg and Hitchcock.

I'm starting to think that being a Hobbit.. at least in terms of my physicality.. may mean I'll never be able to be a 'leading man' like say.. Johnny Depp who I am insanely jealous of love. But when you're behind the cameras, no one can see how tall you are.

Maybe THAT should have been on my tombstone.
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