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Who would you have dinner with if you could choose?

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This question drove me nuts! I pondered it for days.

First, I thought of someone from the past. Someone political. Abraham Lincoln. Patton. Even JFK. It would be wonderful to share my thoughts with them, and hear theirs first hand. God! I would LOVE to hear Patton talk to me in his own voice about all his exploits. Though, I’m sure I’d still be hearing George C. Scott.

Then… thought maybe it should be one of the great movie directors from the past. John Ford! Hitchcock! Cecil B. DeMille! I could learn so much! I’d have a million questions! How did John Ford manage to convey so much gritty realism? How did Hitchcock manage to involve the audience the way he did in 'Rear Window'? And in ‘Rope’, how on Earth did he meet the technical challenge of shooting with just one set and limited camera movement and yet produce such a compelling movie? And DeMille? How the hell did he get the funding?

But after pondering for a long time I decided that who I’d really love to have dinner with is Dom, Billy, and most of all Elijah. People from the past are interesting. But they can also disappoint by not living up to my expectations. Dom, Billy, and Elijah are people I love in the here and now. We have no expectations of each other. We simply love each other without condition. And that’s the best kind of folks to talk to over dinner. People from the past are interesting. But people who love you are much, much better.

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Well, I'm not a hobbit and I've never played a hobbit, though I think I'm short enough to. Still, I count you among my friends, Sean.

Don't be a stranger, huh?
Craigers!! Hey! You're welcome to the dinner party too, buddy.. if it ever happens. I think Elves are wonderful company.. as does my beloved ater ego, Samwise Gamgee.

I'm glad you're here. Glad we'll get to chat now and then.. now that the Lord of the Rings experience is behind us.
You know, Sean, you've just given me a fantastic idea. I should have a dinner party. You've not seen my new place, have you? Of course, I'm still here in Auckland, but I suppose I can go anywhere.

I have some friends that I'd like you to meet.
Yeah? Well I'm always up for new meetings. Sounds great!

I haven't seen Elijah yet.. tho I'd LOVE to. Dom and Billy are around though. Grab everyone!