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I keep....

... leaping to my feet, as though I have someplace to go and am afraid I'll be late.

Truth is.. I have no place to go at the moment. I'm meeting with Stanley Lee later on this month. Still talking about whether or not I get to chair 'Fantastic Four' with Orlando as my Human Torch. It would sure be a huge step forward for me.

If I could prove myself to the people in charge of the money by chairing a really BIG picture like Fantastic Four I'd be a lot closer to getting the funding I want for Isaac's Storm

But you know what? Sometimes I'm just tired of the whole thing. The money chase. The constant meetings. The endless hassle. Constantly having to prove myself. Constantly driven to succeed and not really satisfied with myself even when I do. Sometimes... what I want more than anything else on Earth is to play 40 hours of Playstation with Elijah, or take my girls to Disneyland and forget all about my career.

But... I won't.
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